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"Skating for over 45 years has really taken a toll on my body. I take turmeric to help with healthy joints and inflammation support. I really like the Qunol Turmeric gummies which have superior absorption compared to regular turmeric."

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"I bought this two months ago and when I wasn’t feeling well. I was too tired to get up in the morning. I am so glad I got this product as I have way more energy. I felt sickly and now I wake up with energy and I can function through the day. I enjoy my walks with dogs again."

- Sarah with dogs

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"If you are an Athlete like me and want to keep your joints in tiptop shape I recommend @QunolGummies!"

-Thurman Brown

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“I have been taking Qunol Ultra CoQ10 everyday for almost 2 years now and will continue to do so. I feel the difference after just a month taking it and that made me convince for it to be part of my daily routine.”

- Mark

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"I have ran 106 full marathons and hundreds of half marathons...Just finished MTB and last fall 700 miles across northern Spain....CAMINO DE SANTIAGO! This product has helped with the inflammation in my joints and has kept me running and hiking!"


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"I love knowing that the coq10 supplement I’m taking is cardiologist approved and 3 times better absorption!"


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"A few months ago my doctor prescribed a statin for cholesterol and at the time he recommended that the Qunol CoQ10 was the preferred and best choice to pair with it due to it's excellent absorption. It has been beneficial to me and is taking care of any of the deficiencies or side effects from the statin medication."


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I love the 200mg option to take just one per day. I use this as an adjunct to medications for maintain the best heart health I can after having had cardiac bypass surgery. My cardiologist recommends it!

-Nurse Kathy

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"Several years ago my Psychiatrist recommended I add CoQ10 to my medication schedule. Not just any CoQ10, Qunol, Ubiquinol! It may be recommended by cardiologists for heart health and I’m living proof that it is a main component in helping get your blood cells flowing for an overall health. Thanks for your product. My mental health thanks you!"


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