We Get Minimal Amounts of CoQ10 From Our Diets

Animal-based products and, in particular, organ meats such as heart and liver are relatively good sources of CoQ10. Lower amounts of CoQ10 are also found in beef, pork, chicken, and fatty fish such as tuna.  In reality, though, it is not likely that a person could consume large quantities of any organ meat needed to have a reasonable amount of CoQ10 from their diet. 

The Best Way to Boost Your CoQ10 Levels Is Supplements

Since the typical diet does not provide enough CoQ10 to reach recommended levels, taking a CoQ10 supplement is a good way to help increase CoQ10 levels.

Talk to your doctor to discuss a dose that might be appropriate based on your health status and medications you are taking.

Children under 18 should not be given CoQ10 (or any other supplement) unless under the supervision of a health care provider.



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